About Us

Materials That Power Our World

Through its family of fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, and their chemical derivatives, Nano-C has managed to harness the power, flexibility and cost-advantages of carbon – the strongest, environmentally safe and most abundant element on earth. These materials enable devices that are more durable and lighter weight, use materials and energy with greater efficiency, and are inherently more versatile—all at a lower total cost to the consumer. As a result, Nano-C materials are now being used by electronics and energy leaders throughout the world to deliver a new new era in sleek new products and green solutions to power our world well into the future.


Patented, Proven Technology
Targeting a wide range of markets and applications, Nano-C materials have already been proven in volume and are used by industry leaders such as Merck, Nantero, MicroChem and more.

With 38 patent families granted to date, the company’s core technology is based on a unique energy and environmentally efficient combustion-based process technology, which Nano-C holds through an exclusive license from MIT. This industry leading process, combined with Nano-C’s world-class expertise in chemistry, enables the company to deliver orders-of-magnitude improvement in the performance and proficient use of its carbon nanotubes, fullerenes and their derivatives.

The Future of Innovation
Nano-C’s advanced materials are the foundation for delivering a new generation of products and applications the world has only dreamed about. Representing the pathway to an energy alternative to fossil fuels, a new generation of electronics, and a better way to provide access to clean water and air, Nano-C’s materials provide customers with growth opportunities are anything but nano!

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