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Displays & Touch Screens

Electronic displays and touch screens have become ubiquitous over the last decade in the form of smart phones, watches, tablets and other applications.  Despite this remarkable growth, a critical part of their underlying technology remarkably has not advanced as rapidly.  Today’s electronic displays are still relatively fragile and expensive.

Nano-C is revolutionizing this market with its super-strong, flexible and low-cost carbon nanotube based materials.  Carbon nanotubes can replace or work alongside existing display materials such as Indium Tin Oxide (ITO), and new materials such as silver, enabling displays that are 250 times stronger and up to 50 percent less expensive than current technologies.   This will not only extend the life of today’s products, but also drive the development of displays for many other applications that require low cost, extreme robustness, or flexibility.

Click here for a brief overview of the evolution of display technology applications and the advantages of carbon nanotubes for this market.

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